Friday, 26 June 2009

As this year races by, I was reminded that I haven't been back to my blog for a while.

I have though about posting something, but have just not got round to doing it. I suppose that is a problem we all have at some time.

Well, as I write this, I have one more course assignment to write. I have mixed feelings about this. But I know that although I may be at the end of a great period, I still have friends with the same interests as me. I know I can still chat with them all, and most of all, the support will remain.

But as I get to the end of one chapter, I know a new chapter will begin. I am hoping to put more time into my writing, and most of all, I want to get my stories out there and published. I really want to see the benefits of the work I have put in over the years.

So, until my next post. here's wishing any writer friends who may be reading this, a very happy successful time until the next time.