Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Distractions in Writing

I sit at the computer and look at the screen. I want to put words on paper, but they are just not there. The phone rings, my son wants my attention, the dogs bark, distractions that take me away from the computer, away from the blank page, away from the writing.

Even adding a post to my blog is difficult. I am frustrated, even annoyed that I am unable to write. It is all I want to do, and there are so many things that take me away from writing. I so want to have a story ready for publication, maybe, hopefully one day soon I will have the success I crave.

It is good to know there is such a great support network on the message boards I frequent. These too are another distraction, but even if I am not writing a story or doing some research, or some other writing related exercise, when I'm touring the boards I am constantly reminded of why I am there.

I know that one day I will take the plunge and submit that story or article, I will sit and wait for the reply, hoping that it will be good news. I will one day be published in a magazine. I will be happy.

And, when that day arrives, I will have time to write, research, edit, read, and enjoy the one thing I love to do.

And while I ponder the day I will be able to send a story for possible publication, I think back to a week or so ago, when my college diploma came through the door. It is great to get the diploma, but it will be even better when I get that acceptance letter through the door.

I know that day will come, and I look forward to it.


Kristi Faith said...

I understand your post, oh so well, it is really difficult to get one word or one sentence and then get interrupted in train of thought.

Keep that positive outlook and you will go places, as you already know! It's such a pleasure to know you. :)

Terrie said...

Thanks Kristi. I think the one thing that keeps me going with this is the love and friendship of my fellow writers. Its a pleasure to know you as well.

ColoradoKate said...

Congratulations on getting the diploma, Terrie!

Terrie said...

Thanks Kate. Its people like you lot that keep me trying.