Thursday, 29 October 2009

What Do you see out of your Writing Window?

Writers seem to enjoy talking about where they write, what their writing space looks like, and what computer system they like using, amongst other things.

Yes, I enjoy this subject too. I used to have a desk to write at, my writing space was filled with piles of books, papers, and other things writing. Now I have the end of my dining table, and no personal space to write. This is mainly due to a lack of space in our house. You can only put so much furniture in a shoe box, right?

Anyway, I didn't want to write about what my writing space looks like. I wanted to write about what I see out of the window while I'm writing. I am lucky enough to live in the country, so the views from all my windows are beautiful.

Those people who have been following my blog for a while may recognise this picture. I had it at the top of my blog until I decided to do a little decorating. Well, this was the view out of the window at my last house. Rather dark, rather misty, but beautiful all the same.

Now, when I look out of my window, I see a small pond with ducks peacefully gliding on its surface. I see trees and bushes surrounding the pond, and I see fields stretching far back.

At the moment, there is a group of water buffalo cows and a calf inhabiting the field directly behind our house. To think that in their natural surroundings these are wild animals, yet here they are so friendly. At times when I need to clear my head, all I need to do is to go and stand at the fence for a while. The buffalo are there to see what I am doing.

I'm lucky, I have a peaceful environment. I have the wildlife. I have the farm animals. But most of all, I have a beautiful view. What more can a writer want?


ColoradoKate said...

Oh, a pond... that would be lovely. I look out my window and see snow. Lots and lots of snow. The wind seems to make the prettiest, deepest drifts just outside this window.

A month ago, though, I saw sunflowers, with goldfinches and squirrels fighting over the seeds.

Donna M. McDine said...

I'm afew days late. Fascinating interview. I enjoyed getting to know Jan much better.

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