Friday, 16 October 2009

This business called Writing

One thing I've noticed since I've been on the Writing boards is the passion everyone has for writing. Whether we are amongst the lucky ones who get plenty of time to write, or amongst those of us who have to catch a few minutes here and there, we all have the same goal. To write.

We all have our favorite subjects, well I write whatever comes to mind. We have our favorite age groups. Umm, again I write for any age group. I don't know if this is a problem, I just don't want to restrict myself to something I don't necessarily want to do.

But the one problem that I think many writers have is loneliness. Writing is a lonely business. Yes, we can get ideas from other people, we can find someone to type up our story, if we so choose. We can get others to read our master piece. Yet, at the end of the day, it is ours, and we have to put our stamp on it. That means taking that time to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. Most of all, we need to concentrate and get the best story we can from that idea that came to us in the middle of the night as the house was still.

The upside of that loneliness is the end result. Once we've put those words on paper, or the computer, we've edited, taken out all the trash, and polished up that piece that we've worked so hard on, we put it together to send out to our chosen publisher for possible inclusion in a magazine.

Having said that, can anyone understand the frustration we have while we wait for news on the fate of our baby? This is a real test of our patience. But, somehow we do it, and finally that letter comes through the door. And if we are amongst the lucky ones, the letter is an acceptance. If not, it is getting over the rejection, picking ourselves up, and starting again.

This is a lonely business, it is sometimes a hurtful business. But it is a rewarding business. To my fellow writers on the boards, we are all in this together. And while we sit alone at our desks, kitchen tables, or wherever we churn out those stories, we can remember that we have support from the friends, though virtual, that we have made on the message boards, oh and the critique and writing groups that we may have been lucky enough to join.

Until next time, happy writing, and wishing you all success.

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Just Joany said...

Wow! You really nailed it. Great post. It says so much of what I have often thought and didn't know how to put into words. Thanks for saying it for all of us.
~ Just Joany