Monday, 18 January 2010

To Submit, or not to Submit? That is the question

As writers we all have that time that we want to send that story or book manuscript out to a publisher. But once we get to that point, we wonder if we can let that baby go.

Have you had this problem? I have.

I wrote my first assignment and sent it in thinking I would get a letter back from my instructor telling me all the things she thought were wrong with it. Well, it had faults, but how many don't? As I took the envelope and opened it, my heart stopped. Is this how I am going to feel every time I send something in? I am being stupid. Afterall, its only a story, right? Right.

But this was just an assignment, a practise run.

Anyway, Having opened the envelope, and reading the comments from my instructor, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.

So, back to the reason for this post. That first assignment was written about six years ago. WOW!! And only now I have managed to revise it, edit it, and send it out. Gulp! Well, its a good story (of course I think it is, I wrote it didn't I?) The writing, the revising, the editing, the re-revising, re-editing, .........

Was I ever going to have it ready? Well, long story short, the process took a few weeks, thankfully with the help of some very helpful, more knowledgeable writer friends. I did and redid, and thought this would never end.

Well, I'm pleased to say, it is finally finished, and it is finally on its way. I went through the whole process, printed the manuscript and cover letter, put them in the envelope with the return envelope and relevant return postage. Then came the "part with it" time.

Do I, don't I. Of course I do, but I know that when I get to the mail box the envelope will mysteriously stick itself to my hand, and will stay out of the box. I'll have to go back home and try again later.

So activate plan B. My husband came home for lunch the other day, and was informed that my story was in the envelope and ready to go. He was happy to hear this, and told me that I could have the car. My response, oh, you can stop by the mail box and put it in on your way back to work.

I'm pleased to say, he agreed, and my story was/is winging its way to the publisher. So, now starts the waiting game.

So I suppose the best way to end this is to say please keep checking back to see if my submission was a success, or if it came back with that all too frequent, dreaded rejection form letter.

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